The Family Center has served as a “hub” for community activities in Hampden for 25 years. We provide programs and support services for all who live, learn and work in the community. Here, children enjoy after-school and summer enrichment programs. Adults can participate in literacy classes to brush up on their math, reading and writing skills in preparation for the GED class and exam. And seniors from the community can enjoy monthly lunches with their peers. In addition, we offer emergency and benefit assistance programs.


The mission of the Hampden Family Center is to enrich the lives of Hampden residents through education and professional support, and to encourage individual growth and community fellowship.

A Brief History

In September 1992, the Greater Hampden Coalition began working to form a family support center. The next year the Junior League of Baltimore, Inc. began researching neighborhoods throughout Baltimore where they could launch a major initiative that would impact a neighborhood in need.

In September 1994, these groups joined forces to form a powerful partnership. Six months later they signed a lease for space at 1104 West 36th Street. Volunteers from the community, Greater Hampden Coalition and Junior League of Baltimore, Inc., refurbished the 8,000-square-foot facility donating countless volunteer hours. The Greater Hampden Coalition generously gave its expertise — professional support, extensive in-kind services funds and volunteer hours; The Junior League of Baltimore, Inc., donated $250,000 over three years and made a five-year volunteer commitment, in addition to committing volunteer hours to develop and support the services of the Hampden Family Center.

On June 10, 1995, the Hampden Family Center became fully operational, providing services to any Hampden resident. Read more about the center’s 25 years of community.

The Hampden Family Center began as a joint project of the Greater Hampden Coalition composed of the Hampden Community Council, Hampden Midtown Kiwanis, and Hampden Village Merchants Association, and the Junior League of Baltimore, Inc. Members of the Greater Hampden Coalition were particularly concerned about children without sufficient after-school programs and activities, the high school dropout rate, rising drug problems and prostitution, and the high rate of infants born to teenage mothers.

Download our brochure
Download our brochure