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Support Services

Seedco EarnBenefits Program

Seedco EarnBenefits program is designed to help residents receive benefits that can free up their money to handle other bills and costs. Through a quick screening, the Benefits Counselor can determine one's eligibility and provide assistance in the application process. Food Stamps, Medicaid, and Child Care Subsidies are a few of the benefits for which one is screened.

Benefit Assistance

Benefit Assistance is offered in partnership with Northwest Community Action Center and provides counseling for residents needing help. The counselor helps residents apply for assistance with their utilities through the Maryland Energy Assistance Program, Baltimore Fuel Fund and local community churches. Referrals are also made to appropriate agencies where applicable.

Utility Assistance

Fuel Fund of Maryland  helps Marylanders afford home energy, providing resources to vulnerable Maryland families for heat and home utility needs.

Health Screenings

Monitor your blood pressure! Visit the center on the first and third Friday of every month and have the cardiovascular education specialist from MedStar Union Memorial Hospital and MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital do a reading, and speak with you regarding risk factors.

A health fair is held annually. Check the homepage for upcoming health-related programs and services.

Support Groups

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